Frequently Asked Questions

All HSA Tutoring lessons are taught by current Harvard undergraduates, who most often specialize in the field they're majoring in.

As current Harvard students, our tutors are world-class in their respective academic fields and were also accepted into universities like Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, and Columbia. Even among the subset of Harvard students, we accept only 35%, on average, of tutor applications. Additionally, the average SAT score of our tutors is 1570.

We offer our services in what we call tutoring "packages", or bundles of varying lengths (5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 50 hours). The rate for a 5-hour package in any academic tutoring subject is $90/hour, and this hourly rate decreases at a constant rate with increasing package length. For our Crimson Coaching (college consulting) service, the hourly rate depends on the exact assortment of services, as these packages are very specialized according to student need (can vary between college essay assistance, standardized test tutoring, and more). Crimson Coaching rates tend to be slightly higher than Academic Tutoring rates. Feel free to book a consultation with us to learn more!

Our management team strives to match each student with an appropriate tutor based on fit; this could have to do with their preferred learning style (audial/visual/other), their favorite subjects in school, shared hobbies, or something else! To share more information about your preferred tutor qualities before starting a tutoring package, you can either schedule a consultation or email us at!

After the tutor has been assigned, the tutoring package begins with a free 15-minute meeting between the student and the tutor. This meeting is designed to help them get to know each other and set goals for the package before launching into instruction in their first session.

Once our management team connects you with your tutor after purchase, you're free to coordinate session times that are convenient for both of you, beginning with the free 15-minute intro meeting. From there, packages can proceed at any pace you prefer, whether once every other week, every weekday, or something other.

While we find that our fit-based matching process most often pairs students with suitable tutors, we are happy to re-assign if the student feels that they would definitely prefer a different tutoring experience. All packages are also eligible for a refund of the remaining hours within 60 days of purchase.