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Founded in 1957...

Harvard Student Agencies is a non-profit with 10 businesses across various industries that provides educational and business opportunities to students. Managers get the chance to learn about retail, publishing, research, advertising, engineering and more, while making a tangible impact on the Harvard community. With more than 800 employees, HSA strives to defray the costs of education with student wages and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

HSA Tutoring was founded in 2006 and provides comprehensive virtual 1-1 tutoring for SAT/ACT prep, college admissions prep and essay editing, AP exam tutoring, as well as a variety of middle and high school subjects. All of our tutors are trained Harvard undergrads that are passionate about the needs of each student, and are dedicated to seeing your child succeed. We believe the demonstrated success is the most important characteristic of a tutor, which is why our average tutor SAT score is a 1570 and all of our AP tutors have received 5s in any subject they tutor. Our past students have been accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and many other top schools, and we are very passionate about making sure all of our students maximize their potential.

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