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Work with us to polish your essay drafts.

The application essay is your one opportunity to present your best self to the admissions office. With unparalleled first hand experience, our tutors will guided you through this stressful process, from brainstorming to final revision.

The essay is the most critical component of your application, and your one opportunity to present your best self to the admissions office. It is not uncommon to see an extremely qualified student turned down due to a mediocre essay, or a mediocre student gaining admission based on a breathtaking essay. 

In this session based program, you can submit your essay drafts for an expert opinion on your work. Our Harvard undergrad tutor, will carefully read your essay, make comments on structural and grammatical edits, and return a 150-200 word critique on the direction your essay should improve on. Many of our tutors attribute their Harvard acceptance to their essays, and that experience combined with a deep understanding of top college admissions is an invaluable resource.

College Essay Editing Service: Session Details
Note: Multiple sessions can be used on different essays of the same length

Word length categories: 

  • 100-300 words | Short responses: "Why [College Name]?" essay
  • 300-650 words | Standard essay: common application essay
  • 650-1000 words | Long essays: Harvard / Yale / U Chicago supplements
  • 1000+ words | Special supplements: research and literature supplements

Please view our product guide to see pricing based on essay type. 

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