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David Hill

Harvard | Applied Mathematics, Physics

High School Accomplishments: Math Honor Society President, JROTC Commander

2024 ★5.0▤500+ LESSONS✎ 10+ SUBJECTS

Alyvia Bruce

Harvard | Government, History, Education, ASL

College acceptances: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, UPenn, Columbia, UChicago, and more

High school accomplishments: Student Government, Symphony, Model Congress

2024 ★5.0▤150+ LESSONS✎ 10+ SUBJECTS

Ella Bradford

Harvard | Integrative Biology, Environmental Science and Public Policy, Spanish

High School Accomplishments: Ecology field and lab research, lacrosse

2024 ★5.0▤100+ LESSONS✎ 5+ SUBJECTS

Harrison Wallace

Harvard | Neuroscience, Anthropology

High school accomplishments: Model UN Secretary General, IB Diploma

2024 ★5.0▤50+ LESSONS✎ 10+ SUBJECTS

Lei Hanna

Harvard | Computer Science

High school accomplishments: Student Government, Mock Trial, Youth Government

2025 ★5.0▤50+ LESSONS✎ 5+ SUBJECTS

Elizabeth Roosevelt

Harvard | History, English

High school accomplishments: Advocacy, Community Service, Dance, Writing

2025 ★5.0▤50+ LESSONS✎ 5+ SUBJECTS

Allaura Osborne

Harvard | Government, History

High school accomplishments: Tutoring Company Founder, Track & Field

2025 ★5.0▤50+ LESSONS✎ 10+ SUBJECTS

Hallie Zenga-Josephson

Harvard | Applied Mathematics, Sociology, CS

High school accomplishments: Philanthropy, Education Equity, Tennis

2024 ★5.0▤75+ LESSONS✎ 10+ SUBJECTS

Iris Yan

Harvard | Computer Science, Statistics, Economics

High school accomplishments: Debate Team Captain, Top 20 of U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad, Research Science Institute (RSI)

☑ 1600 SAT 36 ACT 16 APs (all 5)

2024★ 5.0▤50+ LESSONS✎ 10+ SUBJECTS

Rahul Guda

Harvard | Neuroscience, Global Health & Policy

High school accomplishments: 7th Place in U.S. Debate, Intel Science & Engineering Fair Finalist

2024 ★5.0▤25+ LESSONS✎ 10+ SUBJECTS

Kayla Saucedo

Harvard | Psychology

High school accomplishments: Speech & Debate Team Captain, Libertas Law President, City of El Paso's Youth Board Appointed Official

2025 ★5.0▤125+ LESSONS✎ 4+ SUBJECTS

Gabriel Khoury

Harvard |Math, Computer Science, Economics

High school accomplishments: BioTech Company Founder, Finance & Investment

2024 ★5.0▤35+ LESSONS✎ 15+ SUBJECTS

Nibrass Fathi

Harvard | Computer Science

High school accomplishments: Competitive Math, Tutor, Model Congress

2025 ★5.0▤90+ LESSONS✎ 5+ SUBJECTS

Chibuikem Uche

Harvard | Government

High school accomplishments: Senior Class President, Varsity Debate Team Captain

2024 ★5.0▤50+ LESSONS✎ 5+ SUBJECTS

Eliza Knapp

Harvard | Applied Mathematics, Computer Science

High school accomplishments: Math Olympiad Head Coach, Swim Team Captain, Data Analytics

2026 ★5.0▤20+ LESSONS✎ 10+ SUBJECTS