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Our Harvard tutors, all of whom excelled in the college application process, will guide you through each step of the college application process, helping you construct a narrative that highlights what makes you unique. At HSA Tutoring, we know that all of our students have life experiences and characteristics that set them apart, and this is what we help our students showcase in their applications to each university. All of our sessions are personalized, 1-1, zoom meetings with a Harvard student. You can begin working with a Harvard student for virtual college counseling starting in 8th grade until the end of senior year of high school.

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Virtual College Counseling

Virtual College Counseling

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Personalized college counseling by a Harvard student who is dedicated to your success. Our Harvard tutors will help you fill out the build a college list, fill out the Common Application to highlight all of your personal and academic successes, write the Common Application, as well as all of the supplemental essays. At HSA, we know that every student has a characteristic that makes them unique, and we help our students craft a narrative around what makes them stand out in ever part of their application. Our students have been accepted into every Ivy League, MIT, Stanford, and several other top 20 schools. Most importantly, our Harvard tutors are able to connect with students on a personal level as they have been in your shoes and want to see you succeed.

Once you check out, one of our Customer Service Managers will connect you with your Harvard student tutor within 24 hours of payment, and you can begin scheduling meetings with them immediately!

Framing Yourself:

Extracurriculars, Leadership, Passion Projects, and more!

Depending on where you are in the college application process, our Harvard tutors are here to help you showcase what makes you stand out. Whether that be building a passion project from start to finish, or writing excellent descriptions for your activities and awards on the Common Application, HSA Tutoring will help you succeed in framing your passions and interests.

Expressing your voice:

College Essay Help

The most important part of each application is the essays. These allow the student to talk about experiences and perspectives that they don't have room for on other parts of the application. Our Harvard tutors will help you brainstorm topics for the Common Application and every supplemental essay, editing them from start to finish until they are ready to submit.

Speak confidently:

Interview Prep

College interviews are often overlooked in the college application process, but they are very important since this is the only time someone from the university will get to hear your actual voice. Our Harvard tutors will help you develop strategies to calm nerves, answer common interview questions, and speak about all of your accomplishments in a compelling manor.


Our Benefits

Unique Harvard Insight

Our Harvard student tutors have been accepted into top schools. They provide mentorship that will help your student succeed in every area of life, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Guaranteed Improvement

Ensure that your student has an edge over their classmates with elite assistance. We'll make sure that your student's work is done at a Harvard level, so they're prepared for the future.

Individualized Approach

Get a tutoring experience that focuses on nurturing your student's passions. Each one of our Harvard tutors is an expert in their area of study, and is excited to share it with your student.


Meet some of our Harvard College Counselors:

Harvard Class of 2023

Alyvia Bruce
Accepted Colleges: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, University of Chicago

Harvard Class of 2025

Gabriel Khoury
Accepted Colleges: Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, Swarthmore, University of Chicago, University of Toronto

Harvard Class of 2024

David Hill
Accepted Colleges: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Rice
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