Our Bestselling Services

SAT or ACT Intensive

Want a one day SAT or ACT class with a private tutor? Our SAT or ACT Intensive class can be held on any Saturday or Sunday, and the tutor customizes the curriculum to fit the student.

SAT Private Tutoring

Our SAT private tutoring allows for scheduling flexibility, customized curricula, and personal mentorship between the student and the Harvard tutor experienced in the SAT.

Academic Tutoring

Need help with an academic subject? We also offer academic private tutoring with the same flexibility, customized curricula, and personal mentorship between the tutor and student as standardized test prep tutoring.


"Overall, HSA has been the best SAT prep class I have ever taken. My tutor was very helpful; she helped me a lot with the SAT subjects and answered all of my questions. I will continue HSA Tutoring over the school year with my tutor again."

- Sanjana

"My tutor helped me to differentiate between myths and truths on the SAT, introduced creative strategies to tackle the questions, pushed me to the limits, and knew exactly what I was thinking when I was solving problems."

- Linda

Meet Our Tutors

Quynh-Nhu Le
Class of 2017

Quynh-Nhu was born in Vietnam and raised in Boston, she graduated valedictorian from Boston Latin School and has achieved high scores on SAT and SAT II.

Aaron Roper
Class of 2016

In high school in Bellevue, Washington, Aaron received perfect scores on his SAT’s, ACT’s, and 4 SAT II’s, along with perfect scores on 7 AP exams and near-perfect on 8 IBs. .

Olatunde Badejo
Class of 2018

From Dallas, Texas, Olatunde earned high scores on his SAT’s, ACT’s, and 11 AP exams, and was named a National AP scholar. 

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