Priyanka is a junior at Harvard concentrating in biomedical engineering with a secondary in global health and public policy. She is originally from Minnesota, where she graduated at the top of her class after receiving 10 perfect AP scores and near-perfect SAT, ACT, and 5 SAT II exams. She was awarded National Advanced Placement Scholar and National Merit Finalist. She loves teaching and working with students, and has been teaching classical and contemporary dance in her local community since she was 12 years old. She has organized and led two debate and speech camps for middle and high school students, as well as multiple SAT and ACT workshops. On campus, Priyanka is involved with debate, dance, and volunteer organizations.

Testimonial about Priyanka

I started working with Priyanka the week before I took my AP Macroeconomics midterm. Before I Skyped her, I did a series of practice free response AP questions and found myself struggling with them. We talked them through together and I ended up scoring very well on the free response portion of my midterm. Priyanka is well qualified and has been very helpful. I have seen an increase in my grades ever since I started working with her. I can tell that Priyanka cares about helping me. She managed to carve out an hour to work with me a few days ago despite the fact that she had both midterms and a show. I would tell my friends that HSA tutoring is an extremely well run program. The tutors are very well qualified and there is clear evidence of an increase in my grades.


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