Monica is a junior pursuing a joint concentration in Physics and Electrical Engineering. From Bedford, New Hampshire, she was awarded an IB Diploma and recognition as an AP Scholar for her outstanding performance in three AP and seven IB classes. Monica loves tutoring all ages. In high school she spent significant time tutoring both middle and high school students in a wide variety of subjects and currently works as an in-class math tutor at the Fletcher Maynard Academy in Cambridge. Monica believes that anybody can do math and science and loves seeing students become more confident in their abilities. When not tutoring, Monica can be found hiking, whitewater kayaking, playing piano, and practicing with the Harvard Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team.

Testimonial about Monica

The question was “How is your tutor? Are they well-qualified? Do they care about helping you?” and the student answered “yes, yes and yes - she's incredible!


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