Josie , a senior at Harvard, is studying Chemistry. She has received high scores on the SAT, ACT, 4 SAT II subject tests and 6 AP exams. Here at Harvard, Josie is involved in the Harvard Premedical Society, the Harvard Haitian Alliance, and the First Generation Student Union. Josie worked as an online writing coach before coming to HSA. She has always enjoyed tutoring and helping kids improve; she is excited to be a member of the HSA Tutoring team. She most enjoys tutoring chemistry, biology, and English. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.

Testimonials about Josie

Josie really knew her stuff and was always well prepared. She explained things very clearly and went through problems step-by-step so I could understand how she got the answer. She always has helpful tips and tricks for the math sections that helped me get through each problem. My math test taking skills really improved, as did my confidence. I learned a lot about grammar rules too. HSA Tutoring is definitely the way to go because the tutors know exactly what's going on because they went through it themselves not long ago. They are really good at adapting to your learning style and know exactly how to help you succeed. 

“Josie was extraordinarily well-qualified. She had answers to all my questions and was especially informative. Josie was especially helpful helping me with reading comprehension. She taught me how to block out the passage into manageable parts, and then to annotate. She really cared about helping me fulfill my goals. She’s gone above and beyond. She was super flexible and patient with me when my schedule got crazy, mid-senior year. 


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