Emily is a junior, studying Bioengineering, SB., with a secondary in Spanish Studies and a citation in the Catalan Language. She is originally from Eagle River, Alaska, but spent six years of her childhood living in Barcelona, Spain. She is fluent in Catalan, English and Spanish. Prior to Harvard, she attended the University of Alaska as a high school student, where she earned 54 credits in classes in advanced mathematics through Partial Differential Equations and in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Signal Processing. Emily was a National Merit Scholar and had perfect scores on the SAT in Reading and Math and on the Math II Level II Subject test. She loves to tutor the SAT, ACT, SAT II Subject tests/AP (Math, Lit, Lang, Spanish, Physics, Chemistry, etc.), ESL, and most common high school subjects. She has been an HSA tutor for two years, and loves the opportunity to meet and work with local students. 

Testimonial about Emily

Emily has helped me organize, practice and feel more confident.  She is very knowledgable and was able to help my studies. She was engaged and professional and helpful. Thanks!


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