Ben is originally from Bell County, Kentucky, where he graduated as Valedictorian and the Student Council President. He was awarded the AP Scholar with Distinction title for receiving near-perfect scores on 11 AP exams. In high school, he competed internationally in Future Problem Solving Competitions. Ben is considering a concentration in Chemistry and Physics along with a language citation in Spanish and a secondary in Music. He is involved with the Harvard Glee Club and the Committee on Deaf Awareness here at Harvard. Ben's tutoring specialties include chemistry, biology, and mathematics. In his spare time, Ben likes to play the piano and hit the tennis courts with friends. His fun fact is that before he arrived at Harvard, he raised cattle back in Kentucky.

Testimonials about Ben

Ben is awesome, very well qualified and caring, always ready to help and flexible with his schedule. He's ready to not only help me with chemistry, which is what we hired him for, but also with AP tests, SAT’s and other misc. He's the best. Definitely sign up!

I would tell a friend that HSA Tutoring is very beneficial, and the tutors are diligent and motivated in helping you improve. Ben was particularly helpful in explaining different ways to approach different types of problems in addition to explaining the specific material. My experience has been very helpful, and has improved my confidence about taking the SAT Math Subject Test!


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