Meet Our Tutors

We have over 125 tutors, all of whom are undergraduates at Harvard. The average SAT section score of an HSA Tutor is 770, and the average ACT score is 35. Our tutors have not only been through the trenches of college admissions, but also been screened through a highly selective process and trained to ensure that they genuinely embody our mission to expand educational opportunities for students. In fact, numerous Harvard students - including former valedictorians with perfect SAT and AP scores - are turned down every year. Meet a few of our wonderful tutors below!


Anton is a sophomore at Harvard concentrating in Economics with a... more


Ben is originally from Bell County, Kentucky, where he was Valedictorian... more


Clara is a senior at Harvard concentrating in Social Studies. She grew up... more


Zoé is a junior at Harvard planning to attend medical school in... more


Emily is a junior, studying Linguistics, with a secondary in Public... more


Raylin is a junior at Harvard considering a concentration in Neurology... more


Richard was born and raised in Fountain Valley, California. He’s a senior... more


Priyanka is a senior at Harvard concentrating in biomedical... more


Jen is a junior at Harvard, concentrating in Economics with a secondary... more


Josie, a senior at Harvard, is studying Chemistry. She has received... more


Jackie is a senior studying Government and Computer Science. She grew... more


Monica is a junior pursuing a joint concentration in Physics and... more