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Scoring well on the SAT II Subject Tests is just as important as acing the SAT Reasoning Test. College admissions take seriously your ability to master specific subjects in addition to the critical thinking and analytic skills tested on the SAT I. Our expert Harvard student tutors will ensure that you master the material on the SAT II Subject Test. Regardless if you are in or outside of the Boston/ Cambridge area, you can take advantage of these SAT II Subject Test Prep packages.

Request a tutor using the form below to receive a free trial hour and determine whether HSA Tutoring is the right fit to prepare you for your subject tests!

All tutors are current Harvard students that very recently achieved high scores in the Subject Tests they tutor. The strategies that HSA tutors teach are those they used themselves to succeed; they aim to pass on this firsthand knowledge and provide a student perspective of standardized tests that is fresh and relatable. They not only help students significantly improve their scores, but they also teach them to become comfortable and confident with the exams while demonstrating organizational and study skills that can be applied to any subject

We offer tutoring for the follow SAT Subject Tests:

  • Biology E / M
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Literature
  • Mathematics Level I & II
  • Physics
  • Spanish 
  • U.S. History
  • World History


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Note: We offer off-campus tutoring at locations that are easily accessible through public transit from Harvard and within 30 minutes of public transit travel time from Harvard. Tutoring that is not held on Harvard's campus has an additional $15/hour tutor transportation fee. We do not offer tutoring that is not easily accessible through public transit; please contact if you have any questions.