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The Comprehensive SAT Group Course provides a strong foundation and mastery of the SAT. Our curriculum has been completely revamped this year to reflect the latest changes and information about the new SAT.

During the year, the 5-week SAT courses conclude right in time for exams! The course runs once a week on Sunday nights from 5-9pm EST. We also offer a live online course with the same curriculum and a Harvard student tutor for students who are not in the Boston area.

The Comprehensive Group Course is designed to provide you with a strong foundation to master the SAT. Our lesson plan ensures that students not only understand the material during the lesson but also remember it weeks after - and are scheduled to lead right into the date of the SAT exam! Homework is assigned after each lesson to make use of the students' time outside of class.

After the course, if you feel you would benefit from additional customized one-on-one training, HSA is happy to offer a 10% discount on any of our one-on-one tutoring services. “

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