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Our tutors know the ACT.


The strategies that HSA tutors teach are those they used themselves to succeed. All current Harvard students that achieved high scores in the ACT very recently - the average HSA ACT Tutor scored in the 99th percentile with an average of 35 on the ACT. Students will be encourage to work hands-on with practice questions from the ACT and from HSA Tutoring's own prep book, the ACT SOS.

In addition to helping students significantly improve their scores, they also teach them to become comfortable and confident with the ACT while demonstrating organizational and study skills that can be applied to any subject.


Group Class

Learn ACT concepts in a classroom setting

Private tutoring

Learn 1-on-1 with your hand-matched Harvard undergraduate tutor

Small Group Tutoring

Learn with a friend or two with your Harvard undergraduate tutor to maximize savings


Up to 20 students per class

20 hours classroom instruction

Packages starting at


1-on-1 tutoring

1, 5, 10, 20 hour packages

Packages starting at


2-on-1 or 3-on-1 tutoring

5, 10, 20 hours packages

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