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IB Prep

IB Prep

They've done it themselves, and they'll help you get there too.

Our IB tutors have been through the rollercoaster that is the International Baccalaureate, and they have learned firsthand how to do well in this program in a meaningful way.

Our IB tutors are undergraduates who have recently completed the International Baccalaureate program and received high scores in each subject they tutor. In addition to being highly qualified and experienced, tutors are able to offer fresh, relatable insights into how best to approach course material and strategies they used themselves to do well on the exams. This personalized guidance from a veteran's perspective is a unique, valuable resource for students seeking support in this rigorous academic program.

Our tutors strive to teach students more than the material they seek help with; they share the strategies they themselves used to succeed and help students learn to balance this heavy academic commitment with other aspects of student life. In this way, the experience becomes less a burden and more an opportunity for students to develop into knowledgeable, well-rounded, global thinkers.

You can request a tutor with the blue button above, and we will hand-match you based on your needs and schedule.  We want to make sure that every student is well-matched with their tutor.  As with our other tutoring services, IB tutoring is available online, on-campus, or in the Cambridge or Boston area. See below for the current subjects in which we offer IB tutoring.

IB Subjects We Cover

English A/B SL & HL • Chinese A/B SL & HL • Spanish B SL • Mathematics SL & HL & Studies • Biology SL & HL • Chemistry SL & HL • Physics SL & HL • Psychology SL • History SL & HL • Economics SL & HL • Geography SL • Music SL & HL • TOK

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