Quynh Nhu Le tutor photo

Quynh-Nhu Le, Class of 2017

Quynh-Nhu was born in Vietnam and raised in Boston, she graduated valedictorian from Boston Latin School and has achieved high scores on SAT and SAT II.

Aaron Roper Tutor Photo

Aaron Roper, Class of 2016

In high school in Bellevue, Washington, Aaron received perfect scores on his SAT’s, ACT’s, and 4 SAT II’s, along with perfect scores on 7 AP exams and near-perfect on 8 IBs.

Olatunde Badejo Tutor photo

Olatunde Badejo

Class of 2018

From Dallas, Texas, Olatunde earned high scores on his SAT’s, ACT’s, and 11 AP exams, and was named a National AP scholar. 

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