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Group Courses

Group Courses

Enroll in our SAT/ACT group course or customize your own curriculum.

We are the only tutoring agency that can deliver courses in Harvard classrooms, allowing students to have the most authentic educational experience.

Our popular SAT/ACT group courses run for 7-weeks before each test date and prepare you for excellence. Classes do not exceed 10 students in order to ensure quality and personalized attention. Our lesson plan ensures that students not only understand the material during the lesson but also remember it weeks after. Each course is scheduled to lead right into the date of the SAT or ACT exam. Homework is assigned after each lesson to make use of the students' time outside of class. Click here to register.

We also offer customizable group workshops and can develop curricula to fit your needs. Visit our Partnerships Page to learn more about customizing your group course.

Group Course Combo

We are currently offering special combo packages for group courses and our 20-hour college application prep program.

Delve into the timeline of the application process, resume editing, interview workshops, essay preparation, and financial aid guidance. Click here to find out more.

Need help with college applications?

We've got you covered. Click here to find out about what we offer.