Want a Harvard student to edit and provide feedback for your SAT or ACT essay? We're here to help!

A tutor will correct any grammar mistakes, give organization and structure advice, and provide general feedback. They use knowledge gained in high school and college to help you improve not only this essay but your entire writing technique. If you would like, they will provide a score for the essay using the same rubric that the Collegeboard or ACT uses. They’ll even give you more than just a grade: they’ll explain why, quoting parts of the rubric, and give you multiple concrete takeaways that you can use to improve for next time. The average SAT Writing score of our tutors is 772 and they are ready to help you improve your writing!


We guarantee a return time of 72 hours. If that isn’t soon enough, you can upgrade to our expedited service. Expedited service has a guaranteed return time of 24 hours! Quality will not be compromised. 


Once you order a plan, email with your essay and the prompt. Both should be Word or Google Docs format. We require the prompt with the essay so that our tutor can make sure you're answering the prompt fully! You will receive your edited essay within 72 hours of emailing us the essay and prompt. 


We only edit SAT and ACT essays, not academic writing or anything related to college applications. By purchasing an essay editing package, you certify that the document you send us is either an SAT or ACT essay.