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Practice your English with a Harvard student.

Geared towards international students who are studying English in school, this program involves dynamic, one-on-one conversations with a Harvard student to exercise, solidify, and strengthen an authentic understanding of the English language.

We understand that many students who have studied English in school have strong vocabularies and grammar knowledge but often have trouble with more natural expression in modern-day English environments. Our goal is to create a customized, intensive learning environment that allows students to practice speaking and writing at the same pace as real English speakers. Tutors will be fully devoted to students for the duration of the packages, and by the end, students will not only have improved their language skills tremendously, but they will have tapped into one of the most valuable learning resources at Harvard University: conversations with Harvard students.

In each session, both student and tutor use up-to-date articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos to mobilize dialogue, and assignments include written and verbal responses to the material. Our Harvard student tutors provide detailed feedback to help students improve while engaging them in conversations that are intellectual and entertaining. Instruction comprehensively engages speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills across various communication styles, including social, professional, academic, and creative lexicons. It is a more holistic way to prepare for everything from the TOEFL to living in the U.S.

You can request a tutor with the blue button above.  We hand-match every student to ensure that you're well-matched with a tutor who will help you improve your English. 

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