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The personalized guidance you get from an AP or IB veteran's perspective is a unique, valuable resource for students seeking support in this rigorous academic program. Our tutors strive to teach students more than the material they seek help with; they share the strategies they themselves used to succeed and help students learn to balance this heavy academic commitment with other aspects of student life. In this way, the experience becomes less a burden and more an opportunity for students to develop into knowledgeable, well-rounded, global thinkers that the top colleges seek to admit. 

Types of Private Tutoring




 Occurs within a 20 minute driving radius of Harvard

Tutor commutes to student

Higher hourly rate

Occurs on Harvard's campus

Student commutes to Harvard's campus

Online tutoring hosted on WebEx

Best for non-local students

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AP Prep Offerings


Calculus AB • Calculus BC  • Statistics • Chemistry • Physics 1 • Physics 2 • Biology • Computer Science • Environmental Science • English Language • English Literature • Spanish Language • Spanish Literature • Chinese • French • Latin • Microeconomics • Macroeconomics • Psychology • US History • World History • European History • US Gov & Politics • Comparative Gov & Politics


IB Prep Offerings


English A/B SL & HL • Chinese A/B SL & HL • Spanish B SL • Mathematics SL & HL & Studies • Biology SL & HL • Chemistry SL & HL • Physics SL & HL • Psychology SL • History SL & HL • Economics SL & HL • Geography SL • Music SL & HL • TOK