LWL | Impact of Childhood trauma on adult personality trait

By Katherine Canizalez


   Childhood trauma has a huge impact on the world in which now most adults have been marked in their lives with traumas. Humans are peculiar in the psychological field since each person reacts to different things for example as physical,emotional and sexual abuse. This paper implies how traumatic experiences influence adult personality traits. Traumas from childhood can affect too much in the growth of each person until they become adults and can take on certain personalities that they have established during time. 


    “After all, who isn’t a survivor from the wreck of childhood?” - Nicole krauss Many people want to forget their past, their youth, their childhood, maybe because they had a bad time or moments they don't want to relive,  at the end of all that is what makes us the people we are today, it may be good, but it may also be bad.When you are a child you do not realize the problems you have or what surrounds you, I have always believed how important it is to be well, both emotionally and psychologically, how important it is to have a family, a mother and a father who are always there for you and help you grow in a healthy environment and always treat you with respect, not everyone has that privilege, but I would say is there where the teaching of the Creation of a new being begins. We need to understand the value that traumas do in our lives.

Literature review

     Studies and therapists  have found that most of the pain or trauma emerge in adulthood because of childhood experiences. As “Psychology today” It's a platform I found about multiple task of the trauma and effects for example its says of  physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, being expose to domestic violence and deaths. I found truthful this platform since not only give you information, they give also help of any trauma you have so they recommend a therapist and help you how to move on with that problem. Also “ National library of medicine” says adults that experience abuse or neglect are more liable for having BPD, this may generate multiple interpersonal relationships and also depends on the combination between genetic and environmental factors. This platform is truthful since it is a library of the United States that contains value information of any branch of medicine and has a certification. There's a study also that says it is highly prevalent that trauma is among young people, approximately half of children and adolescents have been shown to be exposed to a traumatic event prior to reaching adulthood, This event can transform a new personality trait in adulthood. 

There are different types of traumas, some are more intense than others but it is also important to take into account what mental health is. Trauma  give a different perspective of life for different people, as  the platform of “psychology today” says that it its most common the physical abuse in childhood that becomes a chronic trauma if it is every day and constantly so that makes a permanent changes in the Central Nervous System  becoming a vulnerable person, some of the cases this lead to have post-traumatic stress reactions, depression and anxiety.

Another trauma would be Codependency and Self-Betrayal. This is difficult to identify since it is a trauma that starts in childhood because of invalidation and that continues with rejection of feelings or opinions so it makes them keep silent of what they really need or feel. childs that experience invalidation may think about what's wrong with them or start to think also what they make for this to happen at this point is when depression or anxiety start. 


      Experiencing trauma in your life is the most horrible thing that can happen but you decide whether to seek help and move on otherwise you can submerge into the darkness to wait for it to consume you every day. One of the unbearable  disorders that a child can experience according to “ Mayo clinic” is Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event, either experiencing it or witnessing it, as we know trauma childhood keeps us until we wrap up as an adult and without help is harder to move on. As claimed in “Psychologic.org”  About 75 percent of people who enter psychotherapy show some benefit from it.studies approve that psychotherapy has been improving the positive change in the brain, it's a helpful resource for people who have been through a difficult life since childhood. 

There was a case according to “ Bustle” about Billy Milligan committed several crimes, including armed robberies and the kidnapping of three young women at Ohio University, who were raped. However, Billy himself denied everything that happened and claims that he does not remember doing it. Another curious element in this story are the testimonies of the kidnapped girls. While one described him with a German accent and a rough personality, another girl claimed that he was a nice and friendly boy. Although the physical description was the same, the personalities didn't seem to fit.  Milligan’s personality had begun to splinter during childhood, when he experienced alleged abuse at the hands of his stepfather Chalmer Milligan , he grew up with a toxic family he always suffered from domestic violence and at a young age he started to define the multiple personalities until he became an adult. The authorities conclude that Milligan couldn’t be held responsible for the assaults because they weren’t committed by his main personality. His condition prevented him from knowing right from wrong and cooperating with his legal counsel.Ultimately, Milligan was found not guilty due to criminal insanity, and he was committed to a state-run mental hospital. In total, psychiatrists determined that at least he had 24 different personalities that seemed to exist within Milligan’s mind. Among them, they highlight "the undesirables" (13 aggressive personalities), "the ten" (10 friendly personalities) and "the teacher" (the memory of everything that the other personalities do).

 We can conclude that Billy Milligan could have had a healthy and normal life if his family since his childhood had respected him and guided him on a good path, but on the other hand, by the case you can assimilate that it is important to know how to treat children and grow up in a healthy environment, since traumas develop as the child grows and that is what he is today as an adult in his way of being and how he relates to the world . As we deduced Billy had developed the disorder of (DID) but also having many personalities can see a break or a memory gap so he also has PTSD. Maybe his first personality does not have it but the others can have this other disorder that can be carried out by nightmares and tormented by blurred memories. 


       How does child trauma affect personality in adults? We as humans only look at the cover of a book and judge it, but we do not stop to read the book to be able to know, it is the same case with people, they only judged by how they look or what they heard, what they did, but they do not dare to know what they really are.

 There are two people in my life who made me realize how valuable it is to have someone who love you and who want the best for you also to get to know thorough the people ,There is a boy who has always told me that we never have to judge people but that we get to know them for this and many reason I decided to write this paper since it has to do with everything a little bit like such as the case of Billy Miligan who had a very violent and more traumatic family who made him what he was. Some people may argue about him that there were against he was not innocent in the case since they not believe he has that type of problem, that type of persons are ignorant they don't care about what mental health is but if you emerge in the question did you realize that traumas in childhood can make this type of problems happen?  Having a family where you are taught values in childhood is of absolute importance since it is from there that you learn to grow its an important stage where they teach you to the good path and identity that you take as humans, the family is supposed to make you feel safe and loved but as I said before not everyone has that privilege of feeling that they belong to that place.

 We can prevent children from having traumas if we make the world understand or learn how to treat people. Many children suffer but no one does anything to prevent that from happening, most just ignore the facts. Mental health is not a game, the stability of a person is emotions, the use of reason is what makes us human and not inhuman, monsters are not born they are created and that is why there are many murders, delinquencies, many things could be avoided with the right breeding. Sometimes you have to keep in mind that childhood changes the way you live when you grow up and you weren't born that way they made you be like that whether it's good or bad

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