Work Hard Playlist Hard | What's on Harvard Students' Playlists?

Last summer we let you peruse our HSA Education team’s bookshelves. This week, we’ll give you a glimpse into something much more intimate--our Spotify playlists!

For many students, music is a ready, soothing companion to carry them through the slog of studying for hours on end. With that in mind, I have embarked on a mission to curate the absolute study playlist with the help of the HSA Education team. Please feel free to enjoy the music-listening quirks I’ve discovered about our managers along the way!

Q: What is the absolute best song on the planet?

Moses: Cancer by My Chemical Romance

Abdu: 90210 by Travis Scott

Jack: American Pie by Don Mclean

Nathaniel: Everyday by Eric Prydz

Ashley: Napkins by Riz la Vie

Cory: Intro + A Moment Apart by Odesza

Abhi: Redbone by Childish Gambino

The other Ashley: Lorde by Ribs

The other Jack: Holocene by Bon Iver

Brett: Runaway by Kanye West

Jeff: The Downeaster Alexa by Billy Joel

Mohammad (Mo): No Role Modelz by J Cole


Q: What is your go-to study music?

Moses: Lofi Hip Hop from Lofi Girl 😎

Abdu: LSD by ASAP Rocky

Jack: Debussy or Chopin

Nathaniel: Credence Clear Water Revival Greatest Hits

Ashley: “what r we doing here” custom spotify playlist

Cory: Life and Times (Album) by Jim Croce

Thomas: Bakar

The other Ashley: Lofi Hip Hop from Lofi Girl 😎

The other Jack: Taylor Swift

Brett: Still Woozy

Jeff: EDM


Q: Who is the greatest musical artist of all-time?

Moses: MC Mong 🐵

Abdu: J Cole

Jack: Billy Joel

Nathaniel: Jim Morrison (He was a poet)

Ashley: BØRNS

Cory: Freddy Mercury + Queen

Thomas: Beatles

The other Ashley: Kendrick Lamar

The other Jack: Taylor Swift (again)

Brett: Kendrick Lamar

Jeff: Elton John


Q: What is the most underrated song you’ve ever heard?

Moses: Livin’ la Vida Loca by Ricky Martin

Abdu: Pride by Kendrick Lamar

Jack: Humpty Dumpty by AJR

Nathaniel: Down by the River by Mowe (I want to make this the anthem to the Harvard tour)

Ashley: One Last Time by Summer Salt

Cory: In The Flesh by Pink Floyd

Abhi: West Coast Love by Emotional Oranges

The other Ashley: Change by J Cole

The other Jack: Mykonos by Fleet Foxes

Brett: Dream Sweet in Sea Major by Miracle Musical

Jeff: Look up Child by Lauren Daigle

Q: What song do you listen to when you want to get hype?

Moses: Show Me How to Die by Battle Beast

Abdu: Numb numb juice by Schoolboy Q

Jack: Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore

Nathaniel: Levels by Avicii (obviously)

Cory: I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

Thomas: Amphetamine by Smino

The other Ashley: La Mama de la Mama by El Afa

The other Jack: My Life by J Cole

Brett: Family Ties by Baby Keem

Jeff: Powerglide by Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee, & Slim Jxmmi

Mohammad (Mo): Party Girl by StaySolidRocky, Champagne Poetry by Drake, & Middle Child by J Cole


Q: What’s your rage song?

Moses: Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill

Jack: 100 Bad Days by AJR

Nathaniel: Waiting for my Ruca by Sublime

Cory: Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC

Thomas: Panic Attack by Dave

The other Ashley: IDFWY by Big Sean

The other Jack: Scarlxrd

Brett: Punk Monk by Playboi Carti

Jeff: Low by Flo Rida