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HSA Tutoring is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that can help your child find a passionate Harvard student tutor to guide your child toward the success they're destined for.

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Personalized Tutoring for Your Child

Get expert guidance for college and academic success from Harvard mentors. We have both flexible virtual programs and in-person summer programs to help your child achieve their academic goals.

Virtual Programs

Academic Tutoring

Get one-on-one personalized tutoring on 30+ subjects from math to social studies. Learn how to nail your exams and overcome challenging problems
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College Counseling

Get into your dream college with Harvard student advice on the common app, extracurriculars, essays, interviewing, and more
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SAT/ACT Test Prep

Improve your standardized test scores with proven Harvard SAT and ACT strategies and tips
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On-Campus In-Person Program

Coach's Game Day (Rush)

Crimson Coaching Academy

Week-long experience at Harvard designed to help you prepare for college applications. Learn how to build a college list, write compelling essays, navigate standardized tests, and more,
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Our Harvard Tutors | Average: 1570 SAT 35 ACT

Harvard | Class of 2025

Colin Yellin
Accepted Colleges: Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Duke, UMich, Northwestern, Emory, WashU, BU.

Harvard | Class of 2024

David Hill
Accepted Colleges: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Rice.

Harvard | Class of 2026

Iris Wang
Accepted Colleges: Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Northwestern, UC Berkeley.

Where Our Students Are Today

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"I think [HSA] made a huge difference. My daughter ended up going from a 1260 on her SATs to a 1530. She is a junior [in college], and while she was admitted as a liberal arts student her math confidence was so high...”

Ellipse_7 - HSA Tutoring
Andrew B.

"I found online tutoring helpful because timings for both me and my tutor were more flexible. It was also convenient to be able to type any notes with my tutor online and even be in the comfort of my home.”

Ellipse_7-2 - HSA Tutoring
Angelina W.

“I had an amazing tutoring experience!!! Accommodating, friendly, and SUPER helpful. Unfortunately you guys are almost too good ... As through your services I will be attending Yale in the fall.”

Ellipse_7-4 - HSA Tutoring
Jessica J.